AGM 2014

AGM 2014

B etapsi’s term for 2013/2014 is coming to an end! It was a wonderful, exciting and fulfilling year for us! Thank you to all those students who supported us and attended our events.

Betapsi is glad to announce that the Annual General Meeting [AGM] will take place on Wednesday 26th March at 12 noon at the KSU Common Room. The AGM will include a short presentation of our Annual Report, amendments to the statute and an election for the new executive board for term 2014/2015. Several changes have been made to the statute but these changes will come into action once approved by the members of the AGM, as pointed out by Clause 9.1 in the Betapsi Statute.

If approved, 8 positions for the new term will be open for all psychology students reading for a degree in B.Psy (Hons), B.A, Higher Diploma and Masters in the field of Psychology.

(N.B: The International Officer position has already been taken up for term 2014/2015 during the EGM in February due to the fact that the new elected International Officer will be attending the EFPSA Congress in April and so must be elected beforehand due to EFPSA regulations for Member Representatives).

All psychology students are invited to attend! All members of Betapsi are entitled to vote at Betapsi’s Annual General Meeting. Please bring your Betapsi card with you as this will entitle you to cast your vote during the election.

In the election for the new Executive Body, every candidate has the right to express interest for a particular role. However, the roles will be decided upon after the AGM has been concluded, once the newly Executive Body is elected.

Being part of Betapsi is an awesome and rewarding experience. It is an opportunity to grow and learn how to work under pressure, organise events and be an active student. Being in a student organisation gives you the chance to learn new skills and gain new opportunities! So, what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on being an active student on campus and apply today!

Meet The New Executive

Petra Borg

Vice President
Steve Borg

PRO Public Relations Officer
Rebecca Xiberras

Secretary General
Andrew Camilleri

Finance Officer
Stephanie Mangion

Education Officer
Nicola Falzon

Events Officer
Bernard Laus

International Officer
Clara Chetcuti

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