AGM 2015

It is time again for BetaPsi’s Annual General Meeting (AGM)! We invite all BetaPsi members to attend and have a say in the election of new representatives. We also invite anyone interested to attend and learn more about BetaPsi and the new executive board that will represent the organisation.

To all those who want to get more out of their University life, now is your chance! Betapsi is looking for the next executive team!

The positions that are available are the following: – President – Vice President – Secretary General – Public Relations Officer (PRO) – Educational Officer – Leisure Events Coordinator – Financial Officer – External Relations Officer (upon approval at the AGM)

If you would like to apply for a position, send us an email on [email protected] with your name, course and year, photo, and a short manifesto expressing your interest in applying for a position and what you expect out of the next year.

Application deadline is Saturday 7th March at 9pm.

N.B. When applying for a position, it is good to note that even though you can express an interest in a specific role, elections take place for the executive board. Specific roles are determined afterwards, following an internal election.



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