AGM 2016

AGM 2016

B etapsi's 2015/2016 Executive Board closed their chapter on the 16th of March 2016 when the AGM was held for the election of the next upcoming Executive Board.

The AGM included short presentation of our Annual Report, amendments to the statute and an election for the new executive board for term 2016/2017. Any changes made in the statute were taken into consideration once given approval by all the Executive Board.

All psychology students were invited to attend! All members of Betapsi are entitled to vote at Betapsi’s Annual General Meeting. Betapsi membership identity cards were requested in order for members to cast their vote at the AGM.

During the election of the new Executive Body, every candidate was given the right to express interest for a particular role. However, the roles were decided upon after the AGM had been concluded, once the newly Executive Body was elected.

Meet The New Executive

John Paul Muscat

Vice President
Valeriya Bonkova

Secretary General
Shanice Borg

Finance Officer
Miriana Ferrito

PRO Public Relations Officer
Michaela Scerri

Educational Officer
Vittorja Bianco

External Relations Office
Chiara Farrugia

Leisure Relations Officer
Kurt Abela

International Officer
Martina Ebejer

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