Poggi Poggi


Poggi Poggi is an Academic Dinner Table Party involving a series of toasting and singing, followed by a dinner. This has now become one of Betapsi’s traditions. Our latest Poggi Poggi was held in March as the first event of this year’s Executive Board.

During this event, the Song Leaders have done their utmost to ensure that no glass remains empty, whilst administering punishments to all those who break the rules.

A vital part of Poggi Poggi is singing. On entry, the guests were all given a booklet with songs that will be sung during the sitting. Everyone must sing when a song is brought up and songs are related to the current progress of the sitting. Anyone caught not singing will have to answer to the honorable Song Leaders.

Toasting: After every song, glasses are raised for a toast. This is done by raising your glasses and to nod first to the guest in front of you, than to the left and then the right. After these three nods…you must drink.


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