Resignation Note: Leisure Officer

Date of Resignation: 16th February, 2017


On behalf of the entire Betapsi Executive, we would like to announce that Kurt Abela has resigned from his official position as Leisure Officer of the Betapsi Executive Board for 2016/2017. During the last month of the term, disagreement arose as plans were underway for our final leisure event, which initially was a viable event without financial risk which would put the association in jeopardy.

A budget much higher than the maximum possible budget was proposed by the Leisure Officer. The Betapsi Executive explored alternative means of organising such an event as agreed initially, and looked into ensuring that costs are kept at a minimum, whilst maintaining an affordable high quality event for the student body.

As stated in the Role Description of Betapsi’s Finance Officer, “The Finance Officer ensures the financial short and long-term stability of the association.” One of their main responsibilities is “to prepare a well thought-out budget for the term and ensure that the organisation and its members operate accordingly.”

After Betapsi’s Finance Officer, Miriana Ferrito’s, proposal of various feasible alternatives which offered an event of equal quality and standard, the Leisure Officer, Kurt Abela, did not feel it as fair to back up something which was not up to his personal standards. From the financial aspect of the association, and as stated in the Role Description of Betapsi’s Finance Officer, the Finance Officer is to disapprove indulgence in events which put the association at extreme financial risk which pose detrimental effects on the association.

Despite the Executive’s exploration of viable alternatives which would make the event possible without an extreme financial risk, a common ground was unable to be found and a resignation addressed to Betapsi’s President, Valeriya Bonkova, followed.  Following the resignation, the remaining Betapsi Executive was criticised as unable to take into account and respect the ideas of the Leisure Office.

The remaining Betapsi Executive members feel that it is unfair to indulge in such accusations, when a financial risk is imposed and the financial stability of the association is in jeopardy. As an association, we strive to take the opinions of all Executive Members involved into consideration, and ensure that all decisions are taken in accordance to Robert’s Rule of Order (1915), referred to in the voting procedures within Betapsi’s statute, which states that a proposal is only approved if maintained by a majority of half of the total internal votes plus one.

As Betapsi, our main aim is to represent the psychology student body. Thus, we strive to maintain the long term stability of the organisation, taking into consideration the work and effort of the preceding Executive Boards, and those to follow. This ensures that the psychology student’s mind is at rest, knowing that there is a stable organisation representing them.

A major part of the association’s stability is the management of Betapsi’s finances whilst taking into consideration both the safeguarding of the future of the organisation and the needs of the student body which we aim to fulfill. Despite this, the wellbeing of the association’s Executive Members is a major priority for us, which is reflected in our exploration of alternatives ensuring that the leisure event becomes a reality nonetheless, whilst maintaining a financially stable and achievable budget. In this regard, we do not feel we should be blamed for prioritising both of these crucial aspects.

Having said all this, the Betapsi Executive Board 2016/2017 promises to continue giving their utmost to the association for the rest of the term, whilst also providing events which benefit both psychology and University students in general and ensures the stability of the association for the years to come.

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