student exchange


With only a couple of weeks away, Betapsi’s preparations for this year’s Student Exchange are well-underway! Betapsi has partnered with Belgium’s Organisation Psychologische Kring.  Our fellow friends from Belgium will be joining us from the 18th till the 24th of September and on the 27th of November it will finally be our turn to see the best that Leuven has to offer.  Both parts of the exchange will have a theme; the theme that will be explored and elaborated on in September will be that of ‘Psychology of Cultures and Groups’ whilst the theme in Belgium will be ‘Decision Making’.  This is not solely an opportunity to learn about various topics but also to meet and possibly make forever friends.  Here’s what one of the participants had to say after she attended one of Betapsi’s Student Exchanges:

“Joining the student exchange last year was an experience to remember! Other than having the opportunity to go the Netherlands, it helped me get out of my comfort zone, learn about a different culture and most importantly it gave me the opportunity to meet new people who have now become my friends. Would definitely recommend it to anyone thinking of joining the next student exchange!”

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