Train the Trainers – July 2014

The European Federation of Psychology Students’ Associations (EFPSA) is recruiting students for the annual Train the Trainers Summer School (TtT), an event that gives psychology students a unique chance to gain everything – knowledge, skills and the right attitude – to embark on the path towards an excellent trainer. This year’s TtT will be hosted in Slovenia from the 23rd to the 30th of August.

We are looking for 12 highly motivated applicants, that are interested in people and how they learn. If you are enthusiastic about the hidden potential to transform that we all share, about supporting the growth and development of individuals and organisations, and especially about stretching your own limits – THIS is something for you!

Graduating TtT allows one to eventually join the EFPSA Trainers Pool and becoming a certified EFPSA Trainer. This opens doors to several opportunities to further one’s personal and professional development; for example:

(i) receiving a mentor who supports and coaches the graduate through the process of delivering the very first trainings, (ii) delivering trainings at EFPSA & external events, (iii) connecting to a community of proficient trainers, in order to share resources and experiences, to collaborate on common international projects, to network, and much much more…

More information on the event and EFPSA in general, can be found in the attached portfolio, and on the website itself. Of course, you can contact us directly via the channels listed at the end of the portfolio, if there are any questions left unanswered. Like our ‘EFPSA Train the Trainers Summer School’ page on Facebook for constant updates about the venue, excursion, social activities and much more!

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